Horse stable and horse boarding

We would be no ranch at all without any horses. Especially given the fact that the beautiful woodlands surrounding our facility are just the place for horse riding fans. Those who cannot ride, can have safe lessons in a family-friendly atmosphere.

Hoof beats at Colorado

Children and adults learn how to ride a horse under the supervision of qualified instructors, at every level. Throughout the year we can arrange cross country rides around the nearby forests, and in the summer, children and teenagers can stay at horse riding camps. In the Photo gallery you can see the grounds where we can trot or even canter!

As we offer horse boarding, you can also bring your own horse.


Horse riding lessons
Lunging PLN 40/30 min.
Riding in the paddock PLN 60/1h
Cross country ride PLN 60/1h
Walking around the stable and the stud PLN 1/minute
Horse boarding PLN 600

Are you planning to stay with a young child and wonder whether it is the right time to start learning how to ride? Do not hesitate to contact us. We can address any queries and help with any of your concerns.