Rancho Colorado is the perfect place for active leisure, and a visit to the sauna is the best way to make your day complete. It is extremely relaxing after physical exercise, and gives you a boost of energy for the next day’s challenges. Prices per visit are agreed on an individual basis.

All our guests can use a Russian banya, which is a wood-fired sauna with temperatures up to 80-110 degrees Celsius and humidity up to 25-50%. This combination prevents sudden increases of heart rate or feeling of weakness frequently encountered at traditional dry saunas.

In addition to the banya, the guests can use a wooden barrel with an in-built wood-fired oven and a barrel with cold water.


To complete the ritual of using the banya, it is good to use birch or oak twigs to beat the skin. They should be taken to the sauna, warmed up, then soaked with water and used for gentle or stronger slapping, to release their active substances into the skin.

And pouring…

After leaving the banya, you should first gradually cool you body down under a shower, and then confidently and bravely pour a bucket of ice cold water over yourself.

Where is this blissful relaxation then?
Rest assured, your body and mind will feel it directly afterwards!

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