Although our Rancho may not look like a place for lovers of conventional spa treatments, we try to meet the needs of all those who, in addition to birds singing and leaves rustling, need the soothing touch of a professional masseur to enjoy complete relaxation.

Right before the massage, it is good to pay a short visit to the sauna, to help relax tense muscles. Directly prior to each massage session, our qualified masseurs will ask you a few questions to propose one of the following massage types.

Conventional partial or full body massage

A popular type of massage for the entire body or any body section, with relaxing, stimulation, or therapeutic effect depending on the selected type and intensity.

Therapeutic back massage

The massage includes the back and shoulders. It is mainly designed to release strains and reduce muscle tension that causes discomfort. Its intensity depends on the type of complaint and pain sensitivity but it may be quite painful. Session duration is 20-25 minutes.

Lomi lomi massage

This is a traditional Hawaiian relaxing full body massage accompanied by beautiful Hawaiian music to which the masseur moves his or her hands along your body. A warm oil is applied first on the back, then front of the shoulders, front of the legs, the buttocks, back of the shoulders, chest, back of the legs, and the belly. Then, the masseur performs the massage using his or her hands and forearms. The massage is quite intense but not painful – quite the opposite, it is relaxing and soothing.

Foot massage (reflexology)

A type of therapeutic foot massage involving stimulation of certain points and zones located on the feet and corresponding to various body organs and systems. The massage is performed on both the dorsum and sole of the feet, as well as toes and ankles.

Should you wish to have any of the massages on offer during your stay, it is best to book in advance the hour of your appointment.

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